Dorra Hichri

Photoa: Ouafa Benamor.


In this artwork, we embark on a journey that uncovers the intricate connection between water and various substances, from everyday sources to the vast ocean. These water samples serve as our canvas, blended with elements like salt, soda, and sugar, fusing nature and human intervention.

The process unfolds as these mixtures are carefully dried on Petri dishes, capturing their evolving forms. We then delve into the microscopic world, using a scientific microscope to photograph intricate structures and patterns. These microscopic images, enriched with artistic intention, are meticulously edited and animated, revealing hidden wonders.

The goal is to bridge science and art, inviting observers to contemplate the profound beauty and complexity beneath our everyday experiences. Through this artwork, we encourage a deeper connection with the mesmerizing interplay of elements in our world.


I’m currently pursuing a PhD degree in aesthetics and visual arts methods, showcasing my passion for artistic exploration. Alongside my academic pursuits, I’m actively engaging as a visual artist, displaying my creative abilities accross various mediums. My dedication to craft extends to my expertise in film and editing, where I seamlessly combines my artistic vision with technical expertise, resulting in captivating and profound visual experiences.

My artistic style is characterized by my versatility and innovative approch to digital imagery. My works encapsulate a wide range of themes and concepts, inviting viewers to engage with the interplay of movement, space, time and life. Through my art, I challenge traditional boundaries and conventions, creating visually stunning compositions that evoke contemplation and emotion.


Since 2018 Sousse (tn), Higher Institute of Fine Arts of Sousse, PHD
2014-2017 Sousse (tn), Higher Institute of Fine Arts of Sousse, Visual Arts, Master Degree
2013-2014 Sousse (tn), Higher Institute of Fine Arts of Sousse, Media Arts, Bachelor Degree



Ouafa Benamor