Katayoon Valamanesh

Katayoon Valamanesh. SEE DJERBA Houmt Souk. Photo Achref Guesmi, Ouafa Benamor.

There is a close connection between the core of the project I want to present ” A House on Water” and the focused point of this year SEA DJERBA. Hence, I could not help applying when I read about your idea. Besides, the idea of presenting my work in Tunisia is so mesmerizing as I am mostly presenting my work in Europe. I want to share this project with more people.

I am an interdisciplinary Iranian artist who has been living and working in the Netherlands since 2020. I work with experimental videos and objects, and I present them in the form of video installation. My focus is on memories, remembering and the thin line between dreams and memories. It is a reflection on my life as an immigrant and the necessity of remembering the past in order not to get disconnected from my origins. Hence, I use my personal archive including photos, notes and old art works together with plaster molding to get inspired and make my video-installations.

Katayoon Valamanesh