Sabine Burchard

Sabine Burchard. SEE DJERBA Houmet Souk. Photo: Achref Guesmi.


“Shore” delves deep into the very essence of human experiences and their quantification. It’s an artful portrayal that encapsulates the ongoing tug-of-war between mere numbers and the profound narratives that define us. What’s truly fascinating is the transformation of these personal accounts into a collective enlightenment, a journey that unfolds with each brushstroke.

The backdrop of refugees washing up on these shores adds an undeniable gravity to the piece, casting a poignant contrast between beauty and the haunting reality of their struggle. This duality has become the heart and soul of “Shore.”

Working primarily with watercolors, I’ve carefully depicted the stark contrast between aridity and fluidity, mirroring the underlying complexity of the refugee crisis. What makes this piece even more captivating is the inclusion of subtle macro- and micro-sounds of water and ice, creating an auditory symphony that resonates deeply with the multi-faceted nature of our theme.

I’m a light artist and motion designer driven by a love for live events. Seeking intersections where animation meets the tangible world, my video art thrives in theatre, concerts, new media art and projection mapping. I’m particularly passionate about projects that explore the relationship between people and the landscapes they inhabit.