Farook Sfaxi

Farook Sfaxi. SEE DJERBA Houmet Souk. Photo: Ouafa Benamor.



My artwork is all about the journey of creation. It starts with a simple hand-drawn concept, a raw expression of my artistic vision. From there, I take that drawing and bring it into the digital realm by meticulously scanning it. Once it’s in the digital world, that’s where the magic happens. I breathe life into my artwork with colors and movement. It’s a process of transformation, turning a static drawing into a dynamic and captivating piece of art. This journey, from a humble hand-drawn sketch to a vibrant and animated creation, represents my dedication to my craft and my passion for bringing ideas to life in a truly unique way.


I’m both a visual artist and a graphic designer. My creative journey has taken me through various facets of the design and art world. As a graphic designer, my passion lies in creating visual identities and promotional materials that breathe life into diverse projects. I’m on a personal creative journey. I’m on a constant quest for new horizons, exploring mediums like illustration, digital painting, mixed media, and installation art. Through these forms of expression, I share my very own vision and perspective with the world.


2015 Tunis (tn), ESSTED, MA in Graphic Design
2013 Tunis (tn), ESSTED, BA in Graphic Design