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This year’s SEE DJERBA initiative titled FLOW is dedicated to the significance of water, and its profound impact on Djerba’s landscapes, culture, and people. It offers artists a platform to present their approaches, highlighting the importance of water. We are targeting artists who work with still and moving images, animation, and creative coding to join a public viewing.

For a public viewing and community debate we are looking for media artworks that can be presented as architecture projections. We invite artists to share their media artworks for a 1-3-minute display in Houmt Souk / Djerba (tn).

We aim to feature artistic research and practice on water-related themes. We are searching for media artwork for a public viewing dedicated to water’s universal impact for life, the recognition of the cultural heritage of water, the ecological challenges, and the socio-political dimension of the Mediaterranean Sea. We are reaching out to artists that share our interests and would be kind enough to share their approach with us.

The international media art project is a community-driven initiative for media art in public space. It is home to Houmt Souk, the central city of the Tunisian island of Djerba. The island is on the east coast of Tunisia in the Gulf of Gabès. With 514 km² it is the largest island in North Africa.

The SEE DJERBA community realized two media projects in 2019 and 2017. This is the first initiative after the COVID Crisis to reactivate the unique activity on the island. In 2023, instead of a decentral exhibition program, it consists of a one-site display for a multitude of media artworks for two nights.

As SEE DJERBA, we are a community that has been gathering in Djerba, consisting of architects, artists, curators, designers, makers, and thinkers networked across Tunisia through public art activities, innovative crafts projects, socio-cultural workers, and activists featuring socio-political subjects, inclusion, diversity of gender identities, and furthering of human rights.

Some of us live in Djerba, and some of us are from here, for others it is an iconic site of cultural heritage, and for some, it is simply the place to be in the summer. We share the same ambitions and a caring attitude for socio-cultural topics, innovative forms of cooperation, and an enthusiastic persistence despite precarious settings. There is no formal organization behind the productive network. The SEE DJERBA projects start with an open call by the directors dividing the tasks, coping with all of them collectively.

From the beginning, we are not only a ZERO WASTE project committed to leaving no physical trace of our activities wherever we gather. Each edition features an environmental subject to allow us to gain knowledge, change mindsets, and develop action.

The SCREENING will take place on the back wall of the former cinema in Houmt Souk on 8 and 9 September 2023, the selected works will be on view from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM accompanied by activities of the local community.

This call for artists is open to both emerging and established artists from around the world. Artists working in disciplines such as drawing and painting, photo and video art, digital art, new media, and related fields are encouraged to apply. Collaborative projects and interdisciplinary approaches are welcome.


Link to Google Maps Location

You can download the technical information from this folder.

For more information you can end us an email:

Selecting criteria will be guiding conceptual idea, esthetical quality, uniqueness or site-specific aspects as well as technical doability.

Aymen Gharbi and Bettina Pelz, curators,
and the SEE DJERBA Curatorial Collective

Please send a request to to receive the link.

16 August 2023 DEADLINE for the application (including a draft or a part of the artwork)

20 August 2023 NOTIFICATION for the selection

3 September 2023 DELIVERY of all files

4 – 6 September 2023 TEST of the files, adaption where needed

8 – 9 September 2023 PUBLIC VIEWING

To be considered for participation in SEE DJERBA, please submit the following materials:

Please provide us with some few lines why you would like to join (maxium 300 words).

Please provide us with a draft or a part of the artwork you would to submit
and a brief statement outlining your guiding interest (maximum 300 words),
for the information of the jury and to be published on the website.

We will need your full name, email address, phone number, and country of residence.
We coordinate the activities via our website, emails, and a dedicated Whatsapp group.

A timeline presenting your artistic development, exhibitions, achievements, awards, and relevant experiences. Please include your website and Instagram profiles, as well as other online presences.

We will be happy with a link to your Instagram profile, an online portfolio, or a selection of your previous works that demonstrate your skills and artistic style.

A brief statement outlining your artistic practice, and current guiding interests (maximum 300 words),
for the information of the jury and to be published on the website.

Please compile all application materials into a single PDF document and email it to, with the subject line “SEE DJERBA – Artist Submission.” The file size should not exceed 12 MB.

Or use this Google form to apply: SEE DJERBA – FLOW – Application

We will provide you with a feedback by one of the team members for the presentation and reception of the artwork.

We will provide all participants with 3 to 5 hi-res images depicting the artwork on display.

There is no remuneration for this activity.

We don’t provide a budget for travel, accommodation, and stay. If you wish to come, please contact us, we will provide you with info and care to make it affordable.

There is an online info session on 07 August 2023 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM (Tunis Time),
to join, please send a note to

For further inquiries or more information,
please contact us via email at