Zeineb Kaabi

INTERFERENCE Tunis 2023. Photos: Ouafa Benamor


The video animation “Imaginum of Water” evokes the notion that our perception of reality is as fluid as the water we observe. In a world where matter and data are deeply intertwined, this artwork is a philosophical journey that prompts us to rethink the fundamental nature of existence and the intricate ways in which information weaves the fabric of our lives.

The artwork’s material is based on the scientific observation of the ebb and flow of water’s pH levels — a fundamental marker of equilibrium within aquatic ecosystems. The digital composition of data, form, color, and movement delves into treating the very concept of water’s essence as malleable and evolving. Each crest and trough becomes a carrier of hidden information, where the variables of water quality — hardness, solids, chloramines, sulfate, conductivity, organic carbon, trihalomethanes, and turbidity — morph into a choreography of interdependence that results in innovative imaging.


I am a visual artist from Tunisia, specializing in various artistic practices such as painting, installations, and design. With a social and cultural anthropology background, my experimental approach includes using analog and digital projectors, video, and animation art, and research on new digital possibilities. I create immersive situations by modulating light, space, and viewer interaction. My topics result from reflections on cultural heritage, they address societal issues and encompass psychological, and philosophical questions.


2020 Tunis (tn), Higher Institute of Human and Social Sciences, Studies of social and cultural anthropology



Zeineb Kaabi. INTERFERENCE Tunis 2023. Photo: Ouafa Ben Amor.