Hajer Allani

Photos: Ouafa Benamor.


I wanted to explore the mesmerizing qualities of water. So, here’s what I did: I submerged a phone into water and allowed it to freeze while it filmed the entire process. What unfolded was a captivating dance of water’s transformation. As it froze around the phone, the camera recorded the intricate patterns and textures that emerged. It’s a unique perspective on how water, a fluid and ever-changing element, can take on new forms when subjected to the cold embrace of freezing temperatures. For me, this artwork is a tribute to the beauty and complexity of water, showcasing its ability to transform and adapt in the most unexpected ways. It’s an exploration of the natural world’s artistry, all captured through the lens of technology.


I’m a visual artist who loves to dive into a world of creative possibilities using various mediums. You’ll find me working with ink drawings, painting, illustration, photography, and engraving each of these mediums is like a new adventure for me. My art is a reflection of the moments that have shaped me, those little memories from my past, and the emotions that run deep within us all. So, when you look at my work, you’re not just seeing pictures; you’re delving into a visual journey that encapsulates the beauty of our daily lives and the complexity of human emotions. It’s my way of sharing a piece of my world with you, and I hope you find your own stories within it.


Tunis (tn), National Institute of Fine Arts




Ouafa Benamor