Zaid Abueissa

Zaid Abueissa. SEE DJERBA Houmet Souk. Photo: Bettina Pelz, Ouafa Benamor.


In the heart of the Tunisian art landscape, I found a second home. Over the past year, I’ve woven my artistic journey into this rich tapestry. See Djerba’s themes resonate with the very essence of my creative spirit, and I am truly humbled by the chance to add my unique spark to this captivating canvas of light.


Water is everywhere; it represents 70% of the earth and 60% of the human body.
The ocean has been a vital source of sustenance, transport, commerce, growth, and inspiration to us humans.
As one travels deep into the ocean, the harder light finds it to reach its depths. We go through different levels of density, each becoming darker, making it almost impossible to discern what is at the very bottom. We humans only know about 5-8% of the ocean, although there are five levels of it.
Similar to the ocean, humans search deep to access their true inner selves, to notice our innate self. We want to be more rooted, walk barefoot, savor our food, breathe, and feel the water.
With five layers, my project is an invitation to physically navigate these layers and become more aware of the influence the surface has on us as human beings. Using a translucent fabric, that’s gradually dimmed to be thicker with depth to allow the light to pass through, a self-exploratory journey will be projected.

Music Credits: Ahmad Nazzal


2021 Amman (jr), University of Jordan Faculty of Arts and Design, Visual Art